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The Anacardium occidentale or the Cashew is considered to be the natives to the northern side of South America. However nowadays they are also found in several tropical areas.

The English name “Cashew” has been derived from the Portuguese name caju that has come from the Tupi-Indian word “acaju”.

In Spanish speaking countries of Latin America cashew is called maranon, whereas, in Venezuela cashew is known as mere. It is said that viz (the state of Maranhao in the northern part of Brazil) is one of the first areas, where this fruit was seen.

Cashew Kernals


Nutrition in a nut shell:

Cashew kernel is a nutritious and tasty edible tree nut. It has a balanced nutritive profile. The nutritive values present in Cashew kernels are proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. It is a source of minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, iron and other minerals, which helps prevent anaemic and nervous ailments. So, with the right knowledge it is easy to figure out that the Cashew kernel does wonders to the human constitution. 100gms of cashewnuts contribute about 600 calories.

Nature's vitamin Pill:

Mother nature has gifted cashew kernels with vitamins like Vitamin E, Thiamine, Riboflavin etc.

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Mr. K Ramesh Prabhu is the founder and Managing Partner of our company . He has experience of 30+ years in the field of cashew trading and is also one of the renowned  Canvasing agent for Raw Cashew nuts and Cashew Kernals.

One of the pioneering names in the industry, Cashew World is a company that is engrossed in offering excellent quality Raw Cashew Nut and Cashew Kernals. 

Our products are appreciated for high quality, perfect finishing, and best prices. Our distribution network is spread in major states  of India and other countries abroad.

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